Episode 3 – Falling Away

With November gone and Winter fast approaching, we are heading towards the end of Fall. For most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the air is growing cool, sunny days are growing more rare, and, in some places snow is starting to fall.

Here in Los Angeles, though, the best we can hope for is some rain and I can think of no better a genre for rain than Jazz. With that in mind, this episode is a smattering of some great Creative Commons jazz.

Track List:

  1. “Dirty Sensation” –┬áRegis V. Gronoff (00:00)
  2. “Last Ray” – Blue Canoe Records (04:30)
  3. “Forty-Eight” – Whispering Johnson (09:26)
  4. “Through the Night” – Paolo Pavan (15:57)
  5. “Here They Come Again” – Alex Beroza (21:50)

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