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Episode 4 – And We’re Back

This is Sounds of the Commons, the show dedicated to sharing great, free, creative commons licensed music. We’re back after a year and ready to pick up where we left off!

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Detroit – The Great White Buffalo

Los Angeles has been getting a lot of rain recently. The upshot of this is that it’s helping California’s drought problem a little bit. The downside is that it has the tendency of knocking out my internet at times. Today, though, the sun is shining through. At least, for the moment.

With that, here is a track to put a little pulse into your day. It’s “Detroit” by The Great White Buffalo from their brand new album “Fangs”. We had one of their tracks on one of season one’s episodes and it’s been a while since they’ve put out anything new. This album is a good return to form for them.


Break Your Wicked Heart – OATAO

“Break Your Wicked Heart” is a cool little electronic track by artist David Ray Landers A.K.A. OATAO.  It’s got hints of Deadmau5 in it for sure. It’s great.

Download it at his Soundcloud page!


Painters and Novelists – The Prestige

Day three of metal week is here with a track from the 2009 EP, ” A Series Of Catastrophes & Consequences”, by The Prestige. They hail from France and they metal your… pants? That one kind of got away from me. Uh… POCKET DOWNLOAD LINK!


Dark Matter – Pantera Negra

IT’S TIME TO GO FIGHT THE BAD THING THREATENING THE PLANET! Or something like that. This makes me think of every cool fight scene in anime. It’s pretty generic but, that being said, it does hype you up. I wouldn’t listen to this while driving if I were you.

Download Pantera Negra by Dark Matter on Jamendo!

Ready – NoCreeps

It’s metal week here on Sounds of the Commons! First up is german band NoCreeps with this track off of their 2006 album “Time to Differ”. Grab it here!

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Valentines Day Special

To those of you with with a special someone today, enjoy this mix of wonderful love-inspired tunes. To those of you like me who are date-less on this day… well, you should just wait until Monday. This mix will really just… y’know, get ya down. Maybe next week will be a death metal theme week or something. Fuck it. I don’t even care anymore. Here is the tracklist you bunch of lovey-dovey sods.


Nostalgia – Funk Off

The last track of jazz week is this wandering little melody. Now, everyone is different, but for me this evokes an adventure through a moonlit city with friends.  Grab this track from Funk Off’s album, “SPIONEK“, from!



Tres Panes – Special Quartet

Can you feel the beat? Here is another toe tapper, this time from Special Quartet’s 2009 album  “Namouche“. If you live in Spain, it’s worth checking out their website, since it has their tour and event schedule.