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Moon Waltz – Zero Project

This soothing yet menacing number comes from “FairyTale”, one of many albums by Zero Project which tell a story starting from the first track and ending at the last. I highly recommend giving them each a listen. If I might geek out a bit, they take the artistic convention of non-diegetic music and run to the moon with it. With each track, you really feel the scale of the story expanding and the intensity and tone of the action swings and bends with the motions of the songs.

You can find all of Zero Project’s albums on Jamendo.


Dvorak’s 8 Humoresques, Op. 101, B. 187 – OnClassical

You may not have known the name, but you’ve heard this song before. If you’re a fan of Animaniacs, it was the theme song of Slappy the Squirrel. This version was released as part of a large compilation of piano favorites by OnClassical. An independent Italian label, OnClassical¬†is known for its long history with the Creative Commons and the high quality of its classical library.

You can download this song and the rest of the Piano Favorites on Jamendo.


Longtime – Reman

Fall into world of rhythm and wonder with this contemporary classical track by French artist Reman. You can download “Longtime” and the rest of his EP, “Time”, from Jamendo.com. ¬†https://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a46987/time