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Episode 1 – The Inaugural

The inaugural episode of Sounds of the Commons, the music show where all the songs are free and legal to download! How do you like that?
In this episode, we have The Beastie Boys, The Gasoline Brothers, and Special Guest Rob Duffy A.K.A. Cyclops Rock!

Track List:
1. “Now Get Busy”- The Beastie Boys (00:00)

2. “The Sweetest Sin” – Loveshadow Ft. Trifonic & Amelia June (04:12)

3. “Face the Day” – The Ease Down – (09:34)

4. “We’re the Resistors” – Eric Skiff (14:42)

5. Interview with Rob Duffy A.K.A. Cyclops Rock (18:35)
Cyclops Rock: http://cyclpsrock.bandcamp.com/
Odyssey Dawn: https://www.facebook.com/odysseydawnband
Ian Wexler: https://twitter.com/ianwexl0rz

6. “All Night Funk” – Don’t Poke the Bear (22:18)

7. “Psychosomatic Heart Failure” – The Gasoline Brothers (25:50)

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