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Nostalgia – Funk Off

The last track of jazz week is this wandering little melody. Now, everyone is different, but for me this evokes an adventure through a moonlit city with friends.  Grab this track from Funk Off’s album, “SPIONEK“, from Jamendo.com!



Funky Groovy Zambardi – Fatman on the Vibes

Now let’s get some shake in the step because it’s time for some jazz funk! From the album “Tetris Spirit“, here is a funky track from this quartet’s special performance with DJ Donvan Lagerfield. if you want to hear how the turntablist sounds with the jazz band, you should go grab their whole album!


Neutron Star – Blue Canoe Records

Get your toes tappin’ with “Neutron Star” from Blue Canoe Records. This feels a lot like a track off of the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack, if that is any indication of how much I like it.

You can grab the full album “The Modern Jazz Stylings of Blue Canoe Records Vol.1” on Jamendo.com!


I Loved Another – Dazie Mae

It’s jazz week here on Sounds of the Commons! We’re gonna kick it off with this bar-lounge track by Dazie Mae! You can download the whole album, “Seasonal Affective Disorder” on Jamendo!


Que Pena Tanto Faz (Remix) – Daniel Brandell

Ah, bossanova. You can just lose yourself to the rhythms and almost feel yourself in the tropical sands of… Sweden? Yeah, Sweden. This is one of the great things about Creative Commons. You can take vocals from one place, add in music from another, and end up with something completely new.

Released in 2007, this song is part of an album that was put together using samples from CCMixter’s Curve Music contest and original music.

You can download the album, Brazilian Touch, and learn about the production process from Jamendo.


Jazzy – Pakalou

If there was ever a definitive name for something, this track would have it just right. It’s jazzy. Plain and Simple.

In addition I might have a jazz special getting ready. Maybe for Friday. Who can say?

Anyways, you can download this track at Jamendo.


No Place I Can Go – ProleteR

If there are two genres of music I can’t help but love, it’s Hip Hop and Jazz. This track, and just about all of them on ProleteR’s new EP, “Rookie EP”, is a wonderful, soulful mix of the two.

You can find this album up for sale on his bandcamp page and, even though it’s name your own price (even $0), I strongly recommend you kick in some cash for this album. While fan appreciation is great, paying for albums is the best way to support artists you love and an even better way of proving that creative commons is a viable model in today’s music economy.


Unhappy Holidays – TexasRadioFish (ft. Kara Square)

Ahhh, it’s over. Finally. Time to dump this stupid mandatory Holiday Cheer we’re all supposed to have. Let’s start that with “Unhappy Holidays” by TexasRadioFish featuring the ever lovely Kara Square.

Download it here!


I Need – Akh-Point

“Let’s hit the beat!” This track reminds me so much of “Mushroom Hunting” by The Seatbelts (who heavily sampled their song from DJ Food’s “Let the Good Shine”). It’s got that same sort of feel that so much acid and lounge jazz carries: deep latin flavors, rich guitars and keys… all that’s missing is the horns and it would be complete!

Anyway, you can download this song and the rest of Akh-Point’s album, “Too Close”, on Jamendo.


Dove and Eagle – Régis V. Gronoff

We bring back an artist from Classic Sounds of the Commons for another solid jazz track. Régis V. Gronoff does it again with his 2009 album “Strange Boat, Strange Cargo” which explores the history of jazz, from bebop to modern fusion. “Dove and Eagle” is a tribute to Sonny Rollins, a legendary saxaphonist whose songs have a habit of becoming jazz standards. You can download the full album at his BandCamp page for free, though it’s name your price, so I encourage you pay a little something for the album.