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Episode 4 – And We’re Back

This is Sounds of the Commons, the show dedicated to sharing great, free, creative commons licensed music. We’re back after a year and ready to pick up where we left off!

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Strange Generator – Vincent Karaboulad

Hot off the presses, this track was published just this past Monday and, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what I think of it. I mean, I like it, but I don’t know why. It kinda reminds me of some of Yoko Kanno’s work on Ghost in the Shell, but I can’t quite place why. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a question, so I’ll leave this one to you folks.

Download “Strange Generator” and the rest of Vincent’s album his Bandcamp page and pay what you like for it!


Breakthrough – Mindflow

Oh Pop-Metal, I thought I could forget about you, but I was a fool!

This track by Brazilian band MindFlow takes me back to when bands like Static-X and Disturbed were mainstays in my playlists.  Their track “Breakthrough”, released 2009, takes on the age old theme of love lost and the ensuing recovery.

It’s Pop-Metal; did you think it was going to be a happy number?

Find this track and the rest of their EP on Jamendo!


Our Crappy Little Fairytale – Mike Falzone and the Peppermint Trick

If that name looks familiar to you, it should. We had another one of Mike’s tracks featured back in November.  This is an older track of his, before he (apparently) went solo. It was released back in ’09 and it’s one of those songs that’ll get you rocking in your boots. It’s a story about, well, stories! It takes us through the life of the fairytale frog and his not-so-fairytale life.

You can download this track and the rest of the album, “Do It For The Story”, at Jamendo! You can also help support the artist by purchasing the album for ~$5 on iTunes.


Flock of Birds – Alexandria

I was starting to feel bad due to the underrepresentation of metal on SotC, but then I ran into this song and I KNEW WHAT I MUST DO. Enter Russian melodic metal group Alexandria and their track “Flock of Birds”. I’m totally digging this song. You can grab it on Jamendo.


Cupid Kills – Falling Blind

Today’s track is by Seattle band Falling Blind’s  2010 album “Comets”. Reminds me of the kind of pop rock hits of the mid 2000’s. You can download the whole album on Jamendo.com.


Funny Life – Funky Stereo

Dig this bit of pop/funk from Russian group Funky Stereo. It’s called “Funny Life” and it’s from their album “First and Last” featuring their new lead singer Alexandra Mironenko. You can download the whole album on Jamendo.


Dove and Eagle – Régis V. Gronoff

We bring back an artist from Classic Sounds of the Commons for another solid jazz track. Régis V. Gronoff does it again with his 2009 album “Strange Boat, Strange Cargo” which explores the history of jazz, from bebop to modern fusion. “Dove and Eagle” is a tribute to Sonny Rollins, a legendary saxaphonist whose songs have a habit of becoming jazz standards. You can download the full album at his BandCamp page for free, though it’s name your price, so I encourage you pay a little something for the album.



Hajimari no Uta – Shironeko

Ahhh, Thursday at last. The week is nearly over. If you’re starting to get antsy for the weekend (like I do), that’s okay! Let’s get ramped up together with this high energy track from Japanese artist Shironeko (White Cat). You can download this and the rest of their tracks from their Jamendo page: https://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/425668/shironeko

P.S., This isn’t a human singing!


North Hollywood Skyline – Brady Harris

Take a ride on the 405 with the haunting vocals on this folk/pop pop number from fellow Los Angeles transplant Brady Harris. Grab “North Hollywood Skyline” for free from his bandcamp and, if you like it, buy the whole album, which includes a signed physical copy as well as lossless digital versions! http://bradyharris.bandcamp.com/track/north-hollywood-skyline