I Need – Akh-Point

“Let’s hit the beat!” This track reminds me so much of “Mushroom Hunting” by The Seatbelts (who heavily sampled their song from DJ Food’s “Let the Good Shine”). It’s got that same sort of feel that so much acid and lounge jazz carries: deep latin flavors, rich guitars and keys… all that’s missing is the horns and it would be complete!

Anyway, you can download this song and the rest of Akh-Point’s album, “Too Close”, on Jamendo.


Boys, Girls, Toys & Words – Modern Pitch

Modern Pitch is a Alt-Rock band from Italy with a taste of the modern indie sound. They’ve been playing since 2010, but have only been on the Creative Commons music scene since June. So far, so good. Today’s song comes from their EP “Eye of the Storm”, which you can download on Jamendo.


Funny Life – Funky Stereo

Dig this bit of pop/funk from Russian group Funky Stereo. It’s called “Funny Life” and it’s from their album “First and Last” featuring their new lead singer Alexandra Mironenko. You can download the whole album on Jamendo.


Paradigm Shifter ft. Rob Walker – Platinum Butterfly

Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats….

Get this track on


Dove and Eagle – Régis V. Gronoff

We bring back an artist from Classic Sounds of the Commons for another solid jazz track. Régis V. Gronoff does it again with his 2009 album “Strange Boat, Strange Cargo” which explores the history of jazz, from bebop to modern fusion. “Dove and Eagle” is a tribute to Sonny Rollins, a legendary saxaphonist whose songs have a habit of becoming jazz standards. You can download the full album at his BandCamp page for free, though it’s name your price, so I encourage you pay a little something for the album.


Hajimari no Uta – Shironeko

Ahhh, Thursday at last. The week is nearly over. If you’re starting to get antsy for the weekend (like I do), that’s okay! Let’s get ramped up together with this high energy track from Japanese artist Shironeko (White Cat). You can download this and the rest of their tracks from their Jamendo page:

P.S., This isn’t a human singing!


North Hollywood Skyline – Brady Harris

Take a ride on the 405 with the haunting vocals on this folk/pop pop number from fellow Los Angeles transplant Brady Harris. Grab “North Hollywood Skyline” for free from his bandcamp and, if you like it, buy the whole album, which includes a signed physical copy as well as lossless digital versions!


Longtime – Reman

Fall into world of rhythm and wonder with this contemporary classical track by French artist Reman. You can download “Longtime” and the rest of his EP, “Time”, from

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Coffe Break – Tunacka

The midpoint of the week has passed, so lets start unwinding for the weekend with some smooth latin fusion jazz by Venezuelan band Tunacka. This song is called “Coffe Break” and you can download the whole album, “Ensarada”, at


One Way Heartbeats – Michael McEachern

Today’s song is “One Way Heartbeats” by Michael McEachern. Download this song and the whole album, “New For Me” at :