Funky Groovy Zambardi – Fatman on the Vibes

Now let’s get some shake in the step because it’s time for some jazz funk! From the album “Tetris Spirit“, here is a funky track from this quartet’s special performance with DJ Donvan Lagerfield. if you want to hear how the turntablist sounds with the jazz band, you should go grab their whole album!


Neutron Star – Blue Canoe Records

Get your toes tappin’ with “Neutron Star” from Blue Canoe Records. This feels a lot like a track off of the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack, if that is any indication of how much I like it.

You can grab the full album “The Modern Jazz Stylings of Blue Canoe Records Vol.1” on Jamendo.com!


I Loved Another – Dazie Mae

It’s jazz week here on Sounds of the Commons! We’re gonna kick it off with this bar-lounge track by Dazie Mae! You can download the whole album, “Seasonal Affective Disorder” on Jamendo!


Tyrannical (feat. Mark Hawkins) – Sonorant

“Tyrannical”, the titular track from the EP of the same name, is the result of five years of solo work from its creator, Sonorant. I love the layering in this song. It’s such a good example of how complex heavy metal can get, without getting into the insane multi-guitar shred-fests of other sub-genres.

Get the whole “Tyrannical” EP from Jamendo.com!


Another Lonely Night – Dead Cinderella

I can’t say much about this band other than that they, at one point, existed. I can’t find really any info about them other than they but out three albums in 2010 and this track is from their second album “Happy Everyone”, which you can download on Jamendo.



Que Pena Tanto Faz (Remix) – Daniel Brandell

Ah, bossanova. You can just lose yourself to the rhythms and almost feel yourself in the tropical sands of… Sweden? Yeah, Sweden. This is one of the great things about Creative Commons. You can take vocals from one place, add in music from another, and end up with something completely new.

Released in 2007, this song is part of an album that was put together using samples from CCMixter’s Curve Music contest and original music.

You can download the album, Brazilian Touch, and learn about the production process from Jamendo.


Broken Stereo (Acoustic) – Sean Fournier

This track is pretty heavily produced for an “acoustic version”, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less good.  From Sean’s 2008 release of his album “Oh My”, Broken stereo is an easy listen. A good song for a highlights reel of a couple slowly building a relationship on a sunset lit Santa Monica Pier.

What? I got my degree in Cinema. This is, literally, how I think about most things.

You can download the full album (which is certainly worth a listen) at Jamendo.


Jazzy – Pakalou

If there was ever a definitive name for something, this track would have it just right. It’s jazzy. Plain and Simple.

In addition I might have a jazz special getting ready. Maybe for Friday. Who can say?

Anyways, you can download this track at Jamendo.


Strange Generator – Vincent Karaboulad

Hot off the presses, this track was published just this past Monday and, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what I think of it. I mean, I like it, but I don’t know why. It kinda reminds me of some of Yoko Kanno’s work on Ghost in the Shell, but I can’t quite place why. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a question, so I’ll leave this one to you folks.

Download “Strange Generator” and the rest of Vincent’s album his Bandcamp page and pay what you like for it!


Sisters & Brothers – MrPontusBogren

Near as I can tell, this is the only track MrPontusBogren has ever uploaded to the CC sound space, but it’s a good one. Released nearly a year ago, “Sisters & Brothers” is a simple but good dance track. My recommended pairing: When driving at night on a freeway with lots of lit tunnels.

Get your strobe on and download this track at Jamendo!

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