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Breakthrough – Mindflow

Oh Pop-Metal, I thought I could forget about you, but I was a fool!

This track by Brazilian band MindFlow takes me back to when bands like Static-X and Disturbed were mainstays in my playlists.  Their track “Breakthrough”, released 2009, takes on the age old theme of love lost and the ensuing recovery.

It’s Pop-Metal; did you think it was going to be a happy number?

Find this track and the rest of their EP on Jamendo!


Our Crappy Little Fairytale – Mike Falzone and the Peppermint Trick

If that name looks familiar to you, it should. We had another one of Mike’s tracks featured back in November.  This is an older track of his, before he (apparently) went solo. It was released back in ’09 and it’s one of those songs that’ll get you rocking in your boots. It’s a story about, well, stories! It takes us through the life of the fairytale frog and his not-so-fairytale life.

You can download this track and the rest of the album, “Do It For The Story”, at Jamendo! You can also help support the artist by purchasing the album for ~$5 on iTunes.


No Place I Can Go – ProleteR

If there are two genres of music I can’t help but love, it’s Hip Hop and Jazz. This track, and just about all of them on ProleteR’s new EP, “Rookie EP”, is a wonderful, soulful mix of the two.

You can find this album up for sale on his bandcamp page and, even though it’s name your own price (even $0), I strongly recommend you kick in some cash for this album. While fan appreciation is great, paying for albums is the best way to support artists you love and an even better way of proving that creative commons is a viable model in today’s music economy.

Can’t Afford Another Christmas – Steven Bryant

Now that Christmas has passed, let’s get serious. Many folks, including myself, struggle to afford buying gifts for even our most cherished loved ones. This is the rock anthem for those in this situation.

You can download “Can’t Afford Another Christmas” here.


Unhappy Holidays – TexasRadioFish (ft. Kara Square)

Ahhh, it’s over. Finally. Time to dump this stupid mandatory Holiday Cheer we’re all supposed to have. Let’s start that with “Unhappy Holidays” by TexasRadioFish featuring the ever lovely Kara Square.

Download it here!


Zombies Invade Christmas – Stefan Kartenberg

Wait a minute… I’m not sure if this song is a Halloween song or a Christmas song. Whatever; on the pile it goes! Be sure to barricade your windows and doors because “Zombies Invade Christmas” is today’s song! Hit the link for the download!


Amanita Muscaria – Jeris

Christmas is closing in, and it can be stressful, but no worries, man. It’s aaaalllll good.  Have you met Amanita Muscaria?
Yeeeeeah, this song may or may not be about seasonally colored shrooms.

Download it here!


God Rest Ye Merry (Instrumental) – Copperhead

As if you didn’t see this coming, we’ve got a theme week! Starting off this holiday extravaganza is a bad ass rock instrumental of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” by Copperhead. If you liked the Trans Siberia Orchestra’s version of “Carol of Bells”, you’ll like this.

The secondary theme for this week is that all of the music will be coming from Like this track.


Moon Waltz – Zero Project

This soothing yet menacing number comes from “FairyTale”, one of many albums by Zero Project which tell a story starting from the first track and ending at the last. I highly recommend giving them each a listen. If I might geek out a bit, they take the artistic convention of non-diegetic music and run to the moon with it. With each track, you really feel the scale of the story expanding and the intensity and tone of the action swings and bends with the motions of the songs.

You can find all of Zero Project’s albums on Jamendo.


Dvorak’s 8 Humoresques, Op. 101, B. 187 – OnClassical

You may not have known the name, but you’ve heard this song before. If you’re a fan of Animaniacs, it was the theme song of Slappy the Squirrel. This version was released as part of a large compilation of piano favorites by OnClassical. An independent Italian label, OnClassical is known for its long history with the Creative Commons and the high quality of its classical library.

You can download this song and the rest of the Piano Favorites on Jamendo.